Monday, 9 April 2012

A Dangerous Obsession by Alice Frank - Memoirs Publishing

For more than two years, Rose Elders and her daughter Elizabeth were hounded, bullied and intimidated almost to the point of madness, all because certain junior public servants misused their power, while senior ones who could have stopped it failed to use theirs as they should have.

It all started when Elizabeth found she was being stalked by a well-known local misfit who was clearly trying to gain power over the women in order to get his hands on their money. He made a trumped-up claim to the local Social Services mental health team that Elizabeth was abusing her mother, and when Elizabeth complained that he was stalking her he accused her of libel. Then the social worker who had appointed herself to handle the case, for perverted reasons of her own, decided to take the stalker’s side and set out to have Elizabeth certified. Fortunately, her attempts were thwarted by doctors who knew better, but this did not prevent her from making the Elders’ life hell for two years.

The author has written A Dangerous Obsession, based on a true story, to show how open to abuse UK mental health legislation is.

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