Saturday, 21 April 2012

Memoirs Publishing: Memoirs Publishing - Players vs The Unconventional...

Memoirs Publishing: Memoirs Publishing - Players vs The Unconventional...: Lying and deceit wore down Michaela’s self-esteem to the point where she couldn’t trust anyone. Every guy who came her way was a ‘player’ –  A novel by Danielle Brand...


  1. The book launch night was amazing. Thanks to everyone who came and supported. Thanks to Tony Tingle from Memoirs Publishing for attending. So glad we sold all the books you brought with you.

  2. The book is true to life, a real experience. A great credit is that its not edited or in anyway changed to please the mind of the buying public. It's facts, it's very well written and although it's heartfelt sad to those who know Dannielle and know what her life journey has already put her through at such a young age, it's educational.
    I'm sure many many people have experienced the same in one way or another, I take my Bowler hat off to Danielle who faced not only the facts but the burried fears to put it all to paper for us! Total respect and as always, Peace & Prayers!